Art Omi: Artists Residency

There are presently no open calls for submissions.

Deadline Extended to December 15, 2018

for artists:

Living and Working in the BASQUE REGION OF SPAIN 


2019 Residency session dates are: 

June 13 to July 9, 2019

ELIGIBILITY: Application is open to artists who have been professionally active for at least the past 3 years. Disciplines included: all practices that can be labeled visual arts, sound art, performance, social practice. If you work in a category not listed here please contact us to see which of our residency programs is your best fit.

We don't accept applications from artists currently enrolled in either a BFA or MFA. We accept applications, however, from PhD students or from professional artists, with at least 3 years of professional experience, currently enrolled in a master degree other than in the Arts. Please note: having studied art is NOT a requirement: we accept applications from self-taught professional artists.


APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Please upload online the following 10 documents, not zipped, but individually uploaded, no more nor less than 10 items, so divided:

Item no. 1. Your Resume/Curriculum Vitae. Either PDF or Word Document. Please title this document with your lastname.firstname.1

Item no. 2. A Word document or PDF file of ONE PAGE ONLY with a description of the images, videos or sound files you are submitting. If you send more than one page only the first page will be printed and given to jurors. MAKE SURE ALL OF YOUR INFO FITS INTO A SINGLE PAGE. Please DO NOT use font size smaller than 11. Please title document: lastname.firstname.2

Please prepare this document as a numbered list of the images with title, medium, size and year. If needed, a brief (1 or 2 sentences) description can be included AS LONG AS IT ALL FITS INTO A SINGLE PAGE. Please strictly format captions as follows: Title, Media/Materials, Size in American measurements, Year.



Item no. 3-10. Eight (8) JPEG images, at 72 DPI resolution, file size 1 MB for each image. Images must be titled with your lastname.firstname.3, (and 4,5,6,7,8,9,10)
Important: we can only accept jpegs. Please do not submit: Powerpoint presentations, PDF, TIFF, GIF or PSD files. If you do so your application will not be reviewed.





Item no. 3-5. Links to three (3) video or audio excerpts uploaded on Vimeo or Youtube or directly on your own website. IMPORTANT: the jury is only required to review one minute for each excerpt therefore it is your responsibility to indicate which minute you would like the jury to review. It is at the jury's discretion whether they will review more than said minute. if you do not tell us what minute to look at, we will review the first minute ONLY. Formats accepted are: M4A, MP3, MOV. We review video and/or audio documentation ONLY for artists whose work is time-based, interactive, web-based, kinetic, film, video, sound, and performance. If you work with installation, site-specific, painting, sculpture and/or drawing, please submit images.



a) ARTIST STATEMENT: When filing your online application form, you will be asked for a 100-word maximum statement about your work. This is a fundamental document for our jury to fully understand your practice. If you send a text longer than 100 words, only the first 100 words will be printed and read to our jury.


b) Please provide the names, mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of two references and indicate your professional relationship to them.




IF YOU WORK IN A TEAM: please fill only one application. Only one person will be the contact person for the TEAM application. Please make sure to mark on the resume ALL of the names of the artists being part of the group. 

FELLOWSHIPS: Our fellowships ensure that artists from specific regions and/or dealing with specific issues are allotted a residency. If you are eligible for one of our fellowships your chances to be selected are greater. Please check our website in the Fellowship section for additional information.

Art Omi Alumni: In order to give as many artists as possible the chance for a residency at Art Omi, we ask that alumni do not apply for a return residency. We appreciate your spreading the word to artists who have not been to Art Omi yet.

Due to the very high volume of applications, we ask that you be certain that your application is complete and following our guidelines to the letter. Incomplete applications cannot be processed, and unfortunately we are unable to notify applicants about the status of their application until after the selection has been made.

Good luck with your application!